Total Manhours of 27,052,279 with 1 TRWCFR and 0.03 TRCFR
as at July 2017

Health, Safety, Environment & Security

DeltaAfrik’ vision is to be the Project delivery service of choice in Africa. The HSES (Health Safety Environment and Security) function enables DeltaAfrik to achieve and sustain our differentiator as industry leadership in HSE performance and our OneWay™ Vision of Zero Harm to people and assets, and zero environmental incidents

OneWay™, our enterprise broad integrity framework establishes the corporate expectations for progressing us towards this zero harm vision and it applies to all our people, contractors, products and services.

Health, Safety, Environment and Security Policy

DeltaAfrik’ HSES Philosophy

We are fully-committed to zero harm at all levels of our organization. Our leaders put clear strategies in place that progress us towards this goal. Our effort is prioritized based on compliance and risk exposure. We apply effective risk management principles and processes to enhance decision making, leverage opportunities and assist in reducing threats for all existing and planned activities. Our people are visibly and actively committed to healthy, safe and environmentally responsible workplaces and activities. We understand and manage our potential impacts on people’s health and safety as well as on the environment.

We understand customers’ expectations, which we meet or exceed. We build strong customer relationships and utilize customers’ proven standards and processes where they are consistent with our expectations. Our Engineers develops solutions that meet our company’s requirements and are compliant with our customers’ needs. Design and planning minimizes risk in later phases of the project

Our HSES Success Factors

Maintaining this outstanding Health, safety and environmental (HSE) excellence and addition to Safety have always been a core value of DeltaAfrik. Over the years, our results have demonstrated our ability to continue to deliver a strong HSE performance, even in periods of significant changes.

Our strong HSE performance has been made possible through the leadership and teamwork of all employees coupled with our receptive management that has continued to support the implementation of the roll out of HSE leading indicators to boost the company HSE culture.

Our HSE responsibilities are directed by our HSE Vision, Policy, Strategy and Management System, which guide our businesses in the development of our HSE processes.

HSES Policy Statement

Safety is Non-Negotiable.
Accidents and Injuries are NEVER acceptable

Our HSE Belief

It is our belief at DeltaAfrik Engineering Limited that, HSE is not only the right thing to do, but can also have a significant impact on all aspects of our business. HSE is a critical part of everyone’s job.